Subscriber Terms of Service

Effective Date: January 1, 2024
Last Update: July 2, 2024


By registering with website, you (“Subscriber”) agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). These Terms govern your use of and its services, including access to Subscriber Only Content (“Content”). Content can include articles, blog posts, documents, videos, images, podcasts, e-books, and more. The Subscriber Content is locked behind a registration wall, which means that only those who have registered and been approved may access it.

Grant of Access

As a Subscriber you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable access to Content for personal, non-commercial purposes only. You may not share any of the Content with anyone. You may use the Content for personal non-commercial purposes only.


The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The fee may be subject to change, and you will be notified of any changes prior to the effective date of the change.

Payment Terms

You agree to pay all fees in full and on time. Late payments may result in suspension or termination of subscriber only content access. You are responsible for any fees associated with payment processing, including any applicable taxes.

Subscription Term

The subscription terms are monthly or annually. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed for an additional term unless Subscriber cancels prior to the end of the current term.

Subscriber Responsibilities

  • You agree to use the website and its services in a responsible and lawful manner.
  • You agree not to share your login information with anyone else.
  • You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to intellectual property, privacy, identity and fraud.

Intellectual Property

The website and its content, including but not limited to text, images, and audio, are the intellectual property of Brad Hazel and are protected by copyright and other applicable laws. You may only reproduce, modify, distribute, or display content as outlined within the Copyright Statment.

Privacy is committed to protecting your privacy and will only share your personal information with third parties as outlined within the Private Statement. You agree to review and agree to all website Legal Notices which is incorporated by reference into these Terms.

Termination reserves the right to terminate your subscription at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice.

You may terminate your subscription and delete your user profile at any time by login into your account dashboard. Your dashboard can be accessed from the “Login” link shown at the top of each page. After login, navigate to your dashboard and click on “Delete Account” and follow the instructions.

Limitation of Liability is not liable for any damages or losses arising from your use of the website or its services, including but not limited to damages or losses resulting from errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the website or its content.


You agree to indemnify and hold and its affiliates harmless from any claims, damages, or expenses arising from your use of the website or breach of these Terms.

Governing Law

These Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida United States of America. Any disputes arising from these Terms will be resolved through binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association at the sole discretion of

Amendments reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time, with or without notice.

Entire Agreement

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Subscriber and regarding your subscription to Content and supersede all prior or contemporaneous agreements, whether written or oral.

By subscribing to you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.

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